Mushroom House Puzzle

Mushroom House Puzzle


Our Mushroom House Puzzle is handcrafted using sustainable Beech wood.


The Mushroom House measures 17cm H x 20cm L x 4cm W


This peice is a nice beginer puzzle, although as it is hardwood it is quite heavy, so is best suited for the smaller sprogs to play with on the floor to save those little tootsies should they decide to throw pieces on the floor(@ our Kiyah)

The Mushroom Puzzle is also a beautiful statement peice sitting on a set of draws or shelf in your home or nursery!


The top is oiled using a natural oil to retain the natural colour of the wood and grain, the stalk has been whitewashed using a natural plant based whitewash.


All oils and paints are natural and safe for your wee sprogs.